Chris Declerck is a founding partner at DLPA who has built up extensive expertise over the course of his career, mainly in company law in the broad sense. His activities include advising shareholders and directors on delicate discussions and representing their interests in court on the basis of considerable experience of litigation.

During his career, Chris has been repeatedly appointed as an insolvency practitioner, accepts mandates as a liquidator of companies and acts as an arbitrator.

Chris also focuses on disciplinary law, in particular for lawyers, and in that context he was a member of the Dutch-speaking Disciplinary Appeal Council in Brussels for six years.

Moreover, Chris has also played a role in many professional organisations. For example, he has been a member of the Belgian Federal Bar Council, the board of directors of the Federation of Flemish Bars and the Order of Flemish Bars successively, the board of the Order of the Kortrijk Bar and the Interprofessional Association of Lawyers, Accountants and Notaries Public (a non-profit organisation).

Languages: NL - FR - EN - IT

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  • Company law, mergers and acquisitions

  • Restructuring and insolvency, debt collection

  • Arbitration and mediation

  • Disciplinary law

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